Happy HallowITCH!

October 31, 2019 | INTERNAL WINS

More than a scare party, it was a party of wits. The chosen theme for last year’s party was all about character combinations. Kimmy Dora the Explorer? Willie Wonka Revillame? The crazier the combination, the better! As creatives, finding well thought out matches is definitely one of the most exciting parts of this event. Many of us already started thinking of costumes weeks before the big day! Everyone was so excited that our Halloween committee knew that the mechanics of the costume contest had to be upgraded. 

From one award in the past years, there were now four (written by the copywriting department’s resident horror lover, Neil!):

Maginhawa cor. Makadios Award

Easy, breezy, and effortless ang costume! Hindi masyadong kabog ang suot pero very pretty girl pa rin. 

Chix it Poppers Pop na Pop Award

Very standout yung costume, yung tipong kapag naligaw siya sa Divisoria, mabilis maspot sa sobrang cut above the rest!

April Boy Regina George Washington DC Comic Alley Award

Most creative mash up of the night! Hindi na kailangan ng kuda dahil gets na gets mo kung sinetch yung costume niya!

Gawad Louie Lao Brgy Sikatuna Village Lungsod ng QC Itch Halloween Party Best in Costume Award

Best costume award, 'lam mo na yan siz!

As the day drew closer, more and more people started buying their materials to complete their look. Some were buying wigs, while others bought face paint and clothes. Many tried to hide their materials in the office but we were all too nosy with each other that we ended up guessing each other’s costumes. October was definitely full of laughter because of our theme. Great job, HallowITCH Committee! 

October 29 arrived, and we were set. People were working as fast as they could in order to get to Maginhawa on time and prepare their costumes. As soon as we got to the venue, many of us started to proceed with dinner before putting on their costumes. It’s almost showtime!

Little by little, the characters were coming to life: Lorelie in a school girl outfit and a beard? Michael’s Eric Clapton-Plankton combo? Hazel as Secretary Kim Atienza? Lei with her all-out Steve Harvey Quinn costume and mustache? Everyone really brought their A-game! Of course, the energy and thrill of the night would not be alive without the amazing hosting skills of our senior copywriter Lui. He definitely set the bar for the next HallowITCH host (if he wants to pass on the crown, that is!). 

Then, it was time for awarding. The votes have been cast and the certificates were ready to be given. The craziest, awesomest, most extravagant costumes have been chosen—say HALLOW to our 2019 HallowITCH winners! 

Maginhawa cor. Makadios Award

Klei Remo - MMKlei

Chix it Poppers Pop na Pop Award

Audrey Orallo - Cruwillie Revillame

April Boy Regina George Washington DC Comic Alley Award

Loriz Ebora -  Zuma Cum Laude

Gawad Louie Lao Brgy Sikatuna Village Lungsod ng QC Itch Halloween Party Best in Costume Award

Loriz Ebora - Zuma Cum Laude

Congratulations again to these awesome Itches! The success of this event was made possible because of everyone’s enthusiasm and support. We can’t wait to see how 2020 will top that night. ‘Til the next trick or trITCH!

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