How 2019 was for Itch Creatives

February 14, 2020 | THOUGHT LEADERSHIP

2019 was a huge year for Itch. For one thing, we beat the 7-year itch and made it to our 8th anniversary! But aside from just persisting, we really made it a point to excel at what we do and to live out our purpose of developing authentic creatives

We’ve always believed that differences are an advantage, and last 2019 saw a lot of “differences” come in at Itch. Different perspectives, strengths, and personalities were added to the mix as we hired 9 new Itches, spread out across all our departments. Guibs, Lorelie, and Michael rounded out our art department; Neil added the macho flair we’ve been yearning for in the copy team; Kia and AJ reinforced our accounts department; Hazel became the newest social media baby; Sab filled the role of Strategy Planner, and we got a new Traffic Coordinator in Thea.

Aside from getting new members of the team, some resident baby Itches also got promoted! Klei became our newest Art Director (a huge leap from being an intern way back in 2017!), Japa got an upgrade to Full Demon Account Manager, and Sophia went from baby bangs to Account Manager.

Part of the journey to excellence is having leaders that can guide and train us, and who better to do that than the most experienced of the bunch (read: the oldest)? Comprised of Sir Saz, Mommy Cy, Sir Anton, Audrey, Adel, Lui, and Guibs, the Leadership Core has the herculean task of strengthening every aspect of our agency and leading us forward.

In an industry where competition and rivalry is the norm, finding trusting and trustworthy partners is a rarity. We’re glad to have forged and fostered a fruitful partnership with FleishmanHillard, whom we’ve worked with on several key accounts including ManilaMed, Amway, and ING.

We also made an effort to establish ourselves in the industry. We joined the Philippine Retailers Association and the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies, and the opportunities for more projects, partnerships, talks, and seminars came to us.

Speaking of seminars, we attended talks from different organizations, touching on a wide range of topics. From the Inquirer Academy Supervisory Essentials Workshop to Graphika Manila 2019, we took all the opportunities we could to learn from the experts in our industry. Because if there’s a better teacher than experience, it’s the experienced themselves. 

Our thirst for excellence encompasses our entire organization; it’s not just fresh grads and new employees striving to be better, even our Managing Director is taking on a new challenge. With his self-assurance, innate intellect, and vision for the future of Itch, Sir Saz got accepted into the Master of Science in Innovation and Business program at the Asian Institute of Management.

Itch also diversified in the kinds of projects we work on. For the first time in our 8-year history, we got to work on campaigns for a school, a city, and a hospital. Reedley International School recognized the power of social media and tapped us to create content for their social media channels; our partner agency Foundation for Communication Initiatives reached out to us for a city-wide campaign for the city of Pasig given its new governance (this project was especially significant for us as our office is located in Pasig City, thereby making us all Pasigueños); and we broke down the current approach to healthcare content and started a new humorous, relatable, and patient-centric path for ManilaMed on social media.

2019 was a great year for Itch. We persevered to develop authentic creatives, and that resulted in pitches won, people promoted, clients retained, and a culture strengthened. We’re not just an advertising agency that puts out excellent campaigns, we’re also a great place to work at. And now that we’ve proven our excellence, let’s focus on our growth.

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