Our first RnR!

February 13, 2020 | INTERNAL WINS

Our first RnR!

Last October, Itch held its very first team building with an RnR day to give a special time for Itches to spend fun, quality time together. With all the craziness that comes with every person, one can surely imagine how exciting the two days became.

As the sun began to rise on October 8, people started arriving at McDonald’s Emerald, getting breakfast while waiting for others to come. After finishing our meals, we went straight to Batangas. This location is also a first for us, because for the past couple of years, the team building was held in a private resort in Laguna. This year, we’re heading towards the sea. We’re going to a beachfront resort!

A beautiful, white gate with the text “Soler Sea” opened as a group of smiling personnel greeted us. Far across our entrance, the blue waves meeting the bright blue sky welcomed us and sparked everyone’s excitement for what’s to come. As we settled down in the common room, our facilitator Celine helped us prepare for the activities and reminded ourselves about our main goals as individuals and as a company.

Being a positive psychologist, she was able to bring out everyone’s feelings by giving only one question: “what thing of yours describes you and your goal as a person at Itch?” Many of us had so many stories to tell that some even shed a few tears! At the end of the activity, it was our Managing Director Saz who told us that being able to freely express ourselves in an activity like that shows how comfortable we are with each other, and that it lays the foundation for a good company dynamic.

Any team building isn’t complete without a little physical challenge. Under the harsh, broad daylight, we were tasked to stay in a narrow line while following certain instructions. Line up according to height, age, employment—all while making sure no foot ever leaves the line. At first, we all laughed together and kept trying, but the heat got to the best of our moods which made us feel more stressed. After 30 long minutes of sweating, transferring, and carrying each other, we managed to successfully finish most of the instructions. Most of it.

What did we need to learn about it, exactly? We needed to learn how to truly listen. We needed to realize that words are not the only ones that we need to hear. Our body language, our eyes, our hands—these are all modes of expression that we need to observe to fully understand what others feel.

That is what the team building is all about: creating a solid connection with the members of your team that is full of trust and empathy. The following activities gave us a sense of each others’ personalities, interests, and even fears. Though many Itches are relatively new, they all felt comfortable enough to share their thoughts with their own groups. At the end of the day, we all felt closer to each other; the word “family” became more familiar.

Rest and relaxation came right after dinner, and with the pool, jacuzzi, and karaoke all ready for us to enjoy, it was not long before everyone started dancing and playing. Some were singing their hearts out to Mariah Carey, others dancing, while others were playing games at the pool. Of course, to spice up the evening, cocktails were brought and distributed by Japa (with the blessing of sir Saz). Just like a wild goose chase, many tried to escape Japa’s sight, but (happily) failed. After hours of endless fun and partying, people started to retreat to their rooms and called it a night.

Just like a tropical dream, we all woke up to a bright blue sky and the smell of delicious breakfast. There were no more activities to do for the day; all we needed to do was to soak up the sun, enjoy the cool breeze, and take as many selfies as we want. Others played board games, some did laps at the pool, while others tried to redeem themselves (emphasis on “tried”) at the karaoke. Before the sun set, everyone packed their bags, and we took a few last photos together as we bid farewell to Soler Sea Resort. This trip is definitely one for the books!

See more of our awesome team building and watch Kaye’s (our resident Youtuber) vlog about it!

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