The 2019 Itchmas Party: Ending a good year with a great party

February 17, 2020 | INTERNAL WINS

2019 was an especially productive year for Itch and what better way to celebrate such a bountiful season than with a party!

Sir Saz giving his year-end report to start our Itchmas Party.

The annual Itchmas party started with a short speech from Sir Saz. More than giving a year-end report, Sir Saz took this opportunity to show his appreciation to everyone in the Itch team. He thanked everyone for all their hard work and commended every person for their excellent output. Sir closed his talk with a short but sweet, “Love you guys!” (We <3 you too, Sir Saz!)

Ate Lhen and Pong of our admin with the gifts they received from our annual raffle.

Christmas parties wouldn’t be complete without presents! After a week of suspense, everyone was pleasantly surprised when they finally met their secret Santa who gave them something This culminated our month-long Kringle at the office where we gave weekly gifts inspired by our core values (something , something , something  and something ). We also had our annual raffle where everyone received gifts from Itch! From gift certificates, appliances, to a trip abroad (Congrats Adel!!), every person brought home something special.

The winners of the 2019 ERF awards with our Managing Director, Sir Saz.

In the spirit of giving, we also took this time to give our ERFs (Employee Recognition Forms). This is our way of recognizing everyone’s contribution to the team! These messages made some laugh, while others cried, but most of all, it made every Itch member feel loved and appreciated. With this, we awarded notable members of Itch who did more than expected of them to help the team. Congratulations to these exemplary individuals: 

Lui Milanes, Senior Copywriter - Counselor: Gave valuable input that made our work 

Angie Cruz, Art Director - Cheerleader: Uplifted the spirits of her teammates.

Erm Pangan, Accounts Executive - Helping Hand: Extended immediate assistance to his teammates.

Sophia Macam, Accounts Manager - Pioneer: Showed resourcefulness in her work which greatly improved the team’s output.

Klei Remo, Art Director - Craftsman: Exemplified exceptional work throughout the year.

Angie Cruz, Art Director - Fighter: Displayed unwavering resolve to improve her work

Audrey Orallo, Associate Creative Director - Leader: Pushed the team forward with her outstanding morals and professional competence

Kia Gabay, Accounts Manager - Paragon: Embodied the values of a good Itch member by being a good example to the team

Team 2018, Itch Star Pasko with Sir Saz and Mommy Cy.

 (L-R: Erm, Dennish, Sir Saz, Loriz, Mommy Cy, Leiny, Ate Lhen, Japa, and Klei)

The highlight of the party was the much-awaited performances from the 2018 and 2019 newbies!  AJ, Guibs, Hazel, Kia, Lie, Michael, Neil, Sab, and Thea, the latest members of our team, started with “Itch a  Christmas.” Their HSM-inspired performance showed us the value of teamwork in completing a project. Team 2018 did not go down without a fight! They blew everyone away with their redemption piece: Itch Star Pasko. The 2018 hires—Dennish, Erm, Japa, Klei, Leiny, Loriz, and Ate Lhen—did a comedic recap of the highs and lows in their first year with Itch. After battling it out on stage, the 2018 newbies took home the crown with their hilarious skit! 

The Itch team after a fun night of partying and celebrating

Our Itchmas party ended as everyone danced the night away! From the words of Mommy Cy, it was the most fun Christmas party yet in our -Itch-! This night surely got us all fired up and ready for 2020!

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