A Lesson on Femininity

February 13, 2020 | AD CAMPAIGN

Beauty is being true to yourself. There is no right way to be a lady, and our Lady Lessons video with EB Advance shows us exactly what that means.

The project started out as a pitch for a TV commercial with the main brand Ever Bilena and actress Loisa Andalio as endorser. Researching concepts for the video proved to be a challenge for our tastes as the client was looking for a more editorial style video. In light of this, we looked for inspiration in the pages of magazines and online sources like Vogue and Nowness to find what we needed.

Interestingly, two concepts were presented for this pitch. And like something out of a dream, both concepts were approved! While the other pitched idea became a separate project of its own, the client liked the Lady Lessons concept so much that it was picked up by its sister brand, EB Advance, for a digital ad of its own starring actress Glaiza de Castro.

Lady Lessons is all about breaking stereotypes—where women are expected to be demure, Glaiza is rambunctious. Where they are expected to be polite, she is aloof. It teaches us that to be beautiful, you just have to be yourself. All this in the guise of “lessons,” perfectly closed off with "What makes a lady? Absolutely anything.” 

Outtakes from the Lady Lessons set

As one of the first projects for 2019, we were eager to get into the grind. Fortunately, the production process moved seamlessly and everything fell right into place all thanks to our behind-the-scenes team, Accounts Manager Japa Castro, Project Officer Steph Firme, and former Executive Producer Jia Mendoza. 

Our former Graphics Designer, now freelance Production Designer, Katrish Aristoki and her team beautifully pulled off the rich, vintage Victorian Maximalist style and perfected her scenes in just a few takes. From concept to shoot to final cut, nothing beats the feeling of seeing your creation go from reel to real. The most amazing part? Minimal revisions!!!

Outtakes from the Lady Lessons set

But really, more than an endorsement video, our Associate Creative Director Audrey Orallo also wanted to impart a meaningful message through this project. At the time, Women’s Month was coming up, and it was the perfect opportunity to present a different perspective on womanhood. Thankfully, Director Raymond Dacones and his team from Two Fold Media, our partner production house, were able to capture its essence on camera.

The whole Lady Lessons team together with Glaiza de Castro

As great as any concept starts out, none of it would have seen the light of day if not for the creative freedom and trust given to us by our clients. And for that, we are truly thankful to work with partners that enable us to create materials that are relevant, authentic, and full of heart.

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