Chevrolet Trail Boss: The new boss in the Philippines

February 13, 2020 | AD CAMPAIGN

In 2009, Chevrolet made its way into the Philippines under the management of The Covenant Car Company Incorporated and has since been a staple in major roads in the country.

TCCCI carried the responsibility of continuing Chevrolet's automotive heritage and expertise in the Philippines, and they could not have done this alone. In 2015, they employed the help of Itch Creatives to reflect Chevrolet’s excellence on the road on social media. 

Itch Creatives has been helping TCCCI roll out initiatives that highlight the capabilities of Chevrolet vehicles. The two companies have worked on numerous campaigns together. The most notable ones being Chevy Young that focused on city cars Trax, Sail, and Spark; the Colorado High Country Storm campaign that showcased the power and grit of the car through a series of stress tests with ambassadors Nico and Solenn Bolzico; and the Drive Cool campaign that educated drivers about road safety. 

Key Visuals for Chevy Young, Drive Cool, and Colorado High Country Storm campaigns respectively

In 2019, TCCCI initiated a campaign to welcome a fresh face to the lineup of trusted Chevy classics: The 2019 Colorado Trail Boss. This variant features a more rugged and sporty exterior with the same powerful performance as other Chevy trucks. 

This campaign challenged us to push boundaries in terms of creating a key visual because we had to highlight what made the Colorado Trail Boss stand out while still underscoring what Chevrolet has always been known for—durable and ever-dependable vehicles. This vehicle’s name already speaks for itself, and we only wanted to make it shine. Following the “Trail Boss,” we made it seem like the car has trailed off the usual road and is emerging out of a path that it has just forged. We want to highlight that this vehicle certainly lives up to its name— a leader that is capable of creating its own adventure and leading its own direction.

The all-new Colorado Trail Boss was launched to the public during the opening of the 2019 Cebu Autoshow.

This campaign is significant for Chevrolet, TCCCI, and Itch because it shows how these companies value the continued pursuit for improvement. The Trail Boss is a significant addition to Chevrolet’s extensive line up of vehicles. It is a car that stands above the rest of the other Colorado variants, while still upholding the same automotive excellence that Chevrolet has been committed to since its beginnings. Despite its upgraded look, it still holds the same powerful performance and capabilities that Colorado owners loved. 

The Trail Boss campaign is just proof that being good is only the beginning. Excellence is found in the continued desire to improve what has already been done. And in every effort to improve, one’s authenticity must be embraced and used. Itch always aspires to employ authenticity and excellence in all our work for all our clients, especially for our long-term partners who have continued to trust us throughout the years.

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