Turn Up the Fun with Careline

February 13, 2020 | AD CAMPAIGN

Last year was the perfect time to level up for Careline. In the past, this young beauty brand has always catered to teenage girls who are starting out with makeup by featuring their endorser Andrea Brillantes. In 2019, Careline took the next step and added young adults to their target market. This big change called for a new campaign, and we were more than ready to win the pitch.

Aside from transitioning the target market, Careline was also set to introduce its newest endorser, Maris Racal. Together with Andrea, they represented the new face of Careline—cooler, edgier, better than basic. 

For Itches, every opportunity to pitch for Careline is an exciting one! Once we got the brief, our minds immediately sparked with ideas and inspiration. Brainstorming was always fun and quick because of everyone’s enthusiasm; in just a few sessions, we were able to create and present three unique concepts. Through the creative prowess of our Associate Creative Director Audrey and the awesome collaborative efforts of the team (shoutout to our account manager Japa, project officer Steph, and graphic designer/production designer Katrish!), the heads of the Careline marketing department fell in love with the Rebel Remix concept! 

Rebel Remix is all about youthful fun. As Audrey puts it, “the concept emphasizes the quirky, playful, creative vibe of Careline as a brand, and the mix-and-match capability of its products.” Seeing that our take on the campaign was full of colors and executions that the brand has never done before, the marketing team was excited to see how the production will go. 

And just like that, it’s game time.

Our previous experience working with Careline made our process quicker, because we knew exactly what to do and which partners to tap. For this project, we decided to work with one of our most trusted production teams, Two Fold Media. For the first time, Trina Razon and Raymond Dacones (who also happen to be a beautiful couple) actually worked together as co-directors for this project. Now that certainly adds more love to the production!

In order to pull off an edgy and quirky vibe, we needed to be as colorful and as animated as we can. Lo and behold, a giant turntable and a neon palette were born. You can’t get any bolder than that! 

Of course, when someone hears “giant” in the production world, it also means “expensive". Luckily, Katrish found a way to stay within the budget and build the set the way we envisioned it to be! From a blank warehouse, the FEMA Studios was bathed in warm hues of pink, yellow, and orange. At the center of it all, our turntable masterpiece (with a disco dance floor!) completed the set. The shoot was a breeze, thanks to the efficient work of the team and the energy of our two endorsers. Andrea and Maris really embodied the personality of the brand as they danced to the beat of the music and posed for the camera like supermodels. 

In just a few days since the online and of the Rebel Remix TVC, the video had over 1 MILLION views on Facebook! Many Filipinos were also able to watch it on ABS-CBN, ETC, and  (formerly known as. More importantly, the brand was also able to hit their new target in sales! This project was definitely a big win for Itch and our clients, and we can’t wait to take on more projects with Careline.

Check out more of what happened by watching the behind-the-scenes footage here!

See the full video of the Careline Rebel Remix here!

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