Rebranding Pasig City with Hope

February 13, 2020 | BRANDING & DESIGN

It’s not everyday you get a chance to take part in your local government’s programs. So when Itch Creatives was presented with the opportunity to collaborate with Foundation for Communication Initiatives (FOCI) for a project with the Pasig City government, we jumped at the chance! 

The task: to create a new city-wide branding campaign in line with the new leadership of Pasig City Mayor Victor “Vico” Sotto. The plan: to launch the new campaign on the mayor’s 100th day in office and in time for his State of the City Address (SOCA).

The team during the brainstorming session and focus group discussions with FOCI

The whole campaign was developed in a span of 2 months, closely backed by focus group discussions and consultations with the Mayor and his team. Branding was spearheaded by our team under the guidance of the President of FOCI, Ms. Emily A. Abrera. The teams then came together in one full day of comprehensive brainstorming from which the final logo and slogan came about. 

Captured in the line “Umaagos ang Pag-asa”, the phrase is a celebration of a city teeming with opportunity and leading in progress. The campaign roots itself in the etymology of ‘Pasig’, a Sanskrit word for a river that connects one body of water to another. In the development of this campaign, Itch Creatives only had the welfare of the citizens in mind. It aims to inspire and impart that no matter your status or circumstances, there is hope for you in Pasig City. 

Our Managing Director Armand Sazon shares, "We see so much of ourselves in Vico—a young gamechanger from Pasig who believes in the power of collaboration and progressiveness. It was essential to craft a sentiment that is disruptive enough for people to take notice, simple enough for them to understand and relate to, and meaningful enough to inspire a vision. Most of all, it had to be authentic. This is especially important to us as it aligns with our agency’s  purpose, to Develop Authentic Creatives."

The team with FOCI and Ms. Emily Abrera presenting to Mayor Vico Sotto and his team

On the launch date itself, we excitedly watched backstage as the big screens situated at Plaza Bonifacio lit up with the animated logo. Afterwhich, Mayor Sotto began his first ever State of the City Address.

Towards the end of his speech, Sotto made a plea to the Pasigueños to help him and the city government, so together they can further make a change that is for the betterment of all.

“Magtulungan po tayo, kabit-bisig po tayo, upang mapatunayan na dito sa lungsod ng Pasig, umaagos ang pag-asa,” Sotto said.

Echoing the mayor's words, we hope that the campaign will inspire positive experiences that truly live out the values of collaboration, integrity, and progress. 

Itch team posing beside a Pasig banner after the SOCA

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